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The supplierselected by Power4You is Mega.
In addition to a range of benefits, this energy provider allows you to get a significant reduction in electricity.

To give you an idea of ​​the savings you realize through Power4You, we invite you to compare rates on one of the links below which will direct you to the computers of specialized sites.

How much will you save? Start a comparative few clicks.

Power4You offers both fixed price for one year, two years, three or five years. Therefore, you must also take into account that in case of change in energy prices, the price offered will remain stable throughout the duration of your contract. You well know the amount to pay, no surprises. 
Better sometimes pay a fixed amount earlier than an upward adjustment few months later.

I choose Power4you

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The supplier selected Power4you is Mega. You will be redirected to the Mega form.

Thus, according to the tender of the selected supplier, you get an affordable wholesale price, a 100% green energy, optimum customer service and a contract for 1, 2 or 3 years. Electricity Power4You you can get a permanent contract of 5 years. Standard we offer at Mega contract for a period of 3 years. Would you like to change your choice? No problem you can do so during the registration on the Mega site.

To enjoy, we invite you to input your advantage code of this preferred range. (P4U010 for example)

You can purchase it from the consumer associations and consumer organizations that partner with Power4you and where you can join.

You can choose :
  • Registration for Electricity
  • Registration for Gas
  • Registration for Electricity and Gas thereafter
  • Registration for Gas and thereafter for Electricity

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