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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Power4you, wat is dat?

    The liberalization of the gas and electricity markets has created a situation that is unclear for many consumers. Therefore Power4you simplifies the lives of consumers by stipulating quality services for them at attractive prices.
    Specifically Power4you, the supply of gas and electricity under the following conditions:
    A good price / quality
    A contract and a set price according to the offers
    Green electricity and an environmentally friendly product
    consumer protection adapted to his / her expectations.

    In 2002 came the liberalization of the energy market in Belgium. Despite this, prices have not fallen, and held the monopoly supplier. CRIOC (Research and Information consumers Public Foundation) and consumer groups wanted to set up a structure that allows consumers to enjoy the benefits of liberalization, which has led to a cooperative Trade4you and to Power4You project.

    What is the objective of Power4you?

    Access to energy is to place a basic right, on par with access to water, health or education. From this ideal we started Power4you.
    The idea is simple: unity is strength! By combining multiple orders and represent a large number of consumers, Power4you can negotiate the best terms for everyone.