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    Power4You is an initiative that was launched by consumer organizations to enable consumers to truly take advantage of the liberalization of the electricity and gas market (or at least not to be harmed too important).

    In 2002 came into force the liberalization of the energy market in Belgium. Despite this, prices have not dropped and kept the monopoly supplier. CRIOC (Centre for Research and Information Consumer Organisations) and consumer groups wanted to put in place a structure allowing consumers to enjoy the benefits of liberalization, which has led to the creation of a cooperative and to Power4You's project.

    Trade4you is a cooperative established by some consumer organizations representing millions of consumers. On this basis Power4You can negotiate the best deal for everyone. Conditions not only interesting in terms of price but also of green electricity, fixed prices, long-term contract (1, 2 or 3 years) and consumer.

    A Original Approach

    The principle is simple: by representing thousands of potential customers, Trade4You negotiates the best prices from suppliers.

    Power4You was the first offer allowing consumers to get together and have more power for energy suppliers. Concretely applying the principle "unity is strength", this not only helps to rebalance the power between consumers and providers, but also encourages them to improve their practices by placing conditions on the partnership.

    One objective was therefore to obtain energy at better prices, to develop competition between several suppliers. Power4you selected the supply getting the highest score in terms of specifications.

    Successful back to a old-fashioned distribution

    The history of Trade4you merges with the history of the Belgian consumerist movement. Created by Belgian consumer organizations in July 2007, this cooperative has reinvented a distribution method somewhat forgotten in Belgium: the consumer cooperative. The model developed has become a competitor the market quickly and successfully in a few months and can give a response for the consumers needs.

    Grouped Purchasing Through Until Less 30%

    Energy, office supplies, schools, welfare services, ... Today, developed by Trade4you group purchases allow consumers to save hundreds of euros on their purchases.

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